Full Mouth Reconstruction

When you have for a long period pain in your jaws and mouth or you are unhappy with your smile line then time comes up for a change.

Reasons for Full Mouth Reconstruction might be,

  • missing, broken or teeth with wear
  • chronical pain in your jaws or popping joints 
  • frequent headache and back pain with tensions of your muscles 

With an Full Mouth Reconstruction we not only improve your appearance and smile line, we also improve your general well-being.  Not only we replace missing and destroyed teeth, we also restore your masticatory function. 

This is how patients wanted to look like.

This 40 years old patient out of the fashion business wanted to improve  her smile line.

This patient had destroyed his front teeth through malfunction. 

This 45 years old patient wanted her ugly looking crowns replaced. 

Acids had damaged these lower front teeth, so we had to restore them with porcelain crowns.