Rootamputation /Rootresection

There are many ways to save damaged teeth. Very often these teeth will be extracted and replaced with implants.                                                               allthoug these "hopeless teeth"  could do their job under a crown or bridge for amy years.

With Hemisection, after rootcanal treatment the tooth will be separated and the part which can not be maintained will be removed. The remaining part will be restored with a crown or a bridge and can take over chewing function instead of placing an implant.

With Rootamputation  after root canal treatment only the damaged root will removed. Also here the tooth has to be crowned. 

Success is dependent on meticulous planing and performance.

We have patients, even  25 years after treatment,  they have these crown in place and in function. 

Examples for Hemisections

Example for an Amputaion. (This bridge was for 25 years in a patient mouth)

Hemisection, Amputation and Bone Regeneration with a patient after 17teen years.