Cosmetic Dentistry

As practice with a cosmetic focus, we take various measures to improve your smile in line with your aesthetic requirements (Smile Design). 



White and bright teeth are asked for most frequently in cosmetic dentistry. The smile of a person has a direct impact on the person looking at you. Bright teeth make people look healthier and younger and strengthen their self-confidence.

Bleaching is a fast and cost-efficient possibility, to improve your smile!


The demand for brighter teeth is constantly increasing! 

Healthy teeth and healthy gums are a prerequisite for bleaching. Before we start with the bleaching, we examine our patients thoroughly. We check how thick the enamel is, whether the gum are healthy, if there are caries, fillings, crowns or bridges. 

Then, we make a recommendation on how intensively the bleaching should be done in order to achieve the desired aesthetic appearance. 


Internal Bleaching

For individual necrotic teeth, the discoloration can be made undone through the "walking bleach technique". 

The bleaching agent is applied in the tooth for a few days, until the desired shade is reached.

Bleaching with soft trays (external)

Bleaching with trays (external)

This young patient requested a brightening of the selected teeth.




Veneers are thin ceramic shells that are glued to the front teeth to change shape and color. Veneers can close tooth gaps, cover stains, cracks, and unattractive shapes.

One patient with a so-called peg tooth (3rd from left), wished to obtain an unobtrusive harmonic improvement of her dental aesthetics, which we were able to achieve through a veneer. She was very happy with the result.



Ceramic Crowns

Ceramic Crowns

The developments in dentistry and the choice of selected materials allow to replicate perfectly the natural look of a tooth. It is no longer distinguishable from a crown.

This patient wanted an aesthetic smile.

The tooth marked with the arrow was not crowned and was left natural. 

We adjusted canines and lateral incisors back to their original length. The patient’s perfect smile was restored!



Filling Materials

Tooth-colored filling 


For cosmetic dentistry, we use filling materials which are not recognizable, durable and highly aesthetic.

This child broke off both front teeth in an accident. In addition, the nerve of one incisor suffered such damage that the tooth discolored. 

First, we bleached the dark tooth until its original shade. Then,we reconstructed the chipped tooth using material in the exact matching color. The little patient and his parents were extremely pleased with the result! Our procedure gave the boy back his pleasant smile

Another patient desired to have her central incisors crowned. Instead of using crowns, we were able to restore her teeth with high-quality filling material in a perfectly matching color. The patient was very grateful for the result and its natural charm!