Welcome to the world of modern Dentistry


By applying new methods and introducing new technologies, we constantly offer state-of-the-art dentistry.

Modern dentistry doesn’t mean to generally adopt any innovation.

Over the years, experience has taught us that many of the innovations recommended by the dental industry have not proven to deliver the best results for our patients. Therefore, we study any innovation or new features in our practice to determine their adequacy and sustainability.

Only a few will pass our assessment, and after years of monitoring results, we keep on realizing that we were right in excluding certain forms of therapy. 





Examples of modern dentistry with sophisticated solutions from our practise.

Before and after Treatment

A 70 years old patient come to our office with this upper and lower partial denture. Both jaws where reconstructed with a telescopic cover denture. Even after 19 years the patient is still happy with our work. 

Another patient was unhappy with the look of her upper central incisors. She also hated the black triangle between her front teeth. 
Both teeth where restored with two full ceramic porcelain crowns, also closing the gap in between.
A happy patient left our office.

In the case below a dentist had tried to straighten out the crowding and overlapping of upper front teeth.

The result were teeth too long, too narrow and esteticaly unacceptable

By restoring the upper front to its originally shape, we could restore the esthetic natural smile.